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Whitley H45 Hypoxystation

The H45 Hypoxystation creates hypoxic and anoxic conditions within a controlled and sustained workstation environment. This is the ideal cell culture system for researchers wanting to control oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity. The H45 has two sleeved ports on a removable front and one instant access port. It has sufficient space to accommodate a variety of equipment inside the chamber, whilst still providing generous working and incubation areas.

  • Control O2 in 0.1% increments up to 20%; CO2 in 0.1% increments up to 15%; and relative humidity up to 80% - provides flexibility in your research and confidence in your results.
  • Three portholes provide convenient access to the entire incubation and working areas of the chamber.
  • The removable front facilitates thorough cleaning and the transfer of bulk samples or larger pieces of equipment for use inside the workstation chamber.
  • Built-in rapid airlock to ensure samples can be transferred into the workstation atmosphere as soon as possible (only takes 60 seconds).
  • Colour, touch-screen control panel for ease of use and for visual display of parameters such as O2 level, CO2 level, temperature, humidity and airlock cycle status.
  • Available with fully automatic humidification system so you can add moisture AND maintain a sterile environment.
  • Fully integrated gas control avoids bulky add-on systems and reduces the need for additional bench space.

Applications for this instrument include cancer research, IVF, stem cell research, cardiovascular research, as well as many other types of cell and tissue culture work.

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Capacity (Litres) 450
Airlock Size 12 litres
Porthole System Two sleeved ports and one instant access port
Gas Supplies CO2 / Air / N2
Footswitch Wireless
Auto Sleeve Gassing Option available
Internal Mains Socket Option available
Storage Trays Option available
Single Sample Entry Option available
Data Logging Option available
Airlock Cycle Time 60 seconds Seconds
Extra Cable Glands Option available
Microscope Contact us for further information
Automatic Dehumidifier Fitted as standard
Automatic Humidifier Option available
Trolley Option Available
Dimensions (w/d/h - mm) 1660 / 720 / 710
Weight (lbs/kg) 295 / 134
O2 Profiling Option available
CO2 Monitoring Option available
Vacuum Take-off Option available
Temperature Range 5°C above ambient up to 45°C
Touchscreen Control Yes


All accesssories can be purchased at the Don Whitley Scientific main site.

A02945  Spare Cable Gland

A06100  COMonitoring

A06102  Vacuum Take-off

A06103  15m Letterbox

A06104  Whitley Automatic Humidification System

A06106  Double Internal Socket

A06107  Gas Sample Port

A06108  Data Logging with Oxygen Profiling

A06109  Data Logging

A06114  Internal Storage Tray

A06116  Automated Sleeve Gassing System

A07202  H45 Workstation Trolley


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