Hypoxystation Accessories

Customise your Hypoxystation with the accessories below to create the perfect workstation for you.

Removable Front

This permits thorough cleaning and sanitising between experiments. It also enables you to introduce or remove items of equipment or bulk quantities of samples quickly and easily. This option is available for the H35 and is standard on the H45 and H35 HEPA.

Data Logging

This allows the data recording of environmental parameters inside the workstation – oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity levels and cabinet internal pressure. The collected data can be downloaded via a USB interface to a memory stick and transferred to a PC for further analysis.

Oxygen profiling

Allows you to pre-programme different oxygen levels. You can define how long you want the workstation atmosphere to remain at a particular oxygen level, when to return to a previous level, remain static or adjust to a different gas concentration. If this option is required data logging must also be specified.

Whitley Automatic Humidification System

The Whitley Automatic Humidification System provides the control you need to set and maintain specific humidity levels and is perfect if you are concerned about contamination. The only user maintenance required is to top up the reservoir occasionally with deionised water when prompted by the automated system. The unit is very easy to control via the touch screen interface.

Single Plate Entry System

A 'letterbox' can be installed in your Hypoxystation to provide a quick way of introducing small quantities of samples, larger pipettes, etc.

Double Internal Socket

A socket can be installed in your Hypoxystation to enable the use of electrical equipment within the workstation.


A custom-designed, wheeled trolley frees up bench space and allows easy movement of the Hypoxystation, particularly if the unit is being shared between laboratories.

Extra Cable Glands

Additional cable glands can be accommodated but must be discussed and specified at the time of order. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

H35/H45 Spotlight and H85 Spotlight

A directional LED spotlight to assist in specimen examination can be added as an option. The spotlight is mounted on a small pod on the left hand side of the inner chamber - the on/off switch is also located on this pod. This option is retrofittable on site by a DWS engineer or one of our authorised distributors overseas. Please note: the location of this accessory means that it cannot be fitted to a unit that has a Humidification System.

Enhanced Biological Containment

If you need additional biological containment within your HEPA filtered Workstation, there is now an option to reduce biological discharge from the chamber via the gas outlets. The Whitley Enhanced Biological Containment System involves fitting HEPA filters to the two gas outlets on a Whitley HEPA Workstation.

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