Specially designed to create normoxic, hypoxic and anoxic conditions within a controlled and sustained workstation environment, the Hypoxystation is ideal for all research requiring the ability to accurately control oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity.

There are six products in the range:

H35 Hypoxystation or H35 HEPA Hypoxystation

H45 Hypoxystation or H45 HEPA Hypoxystation

H85 Hypoxystation

H135 Hypoxystation

Options + Accessories

Your Hypoxystation can be customised with a variety of options and accessories, creating the perfect workstation for your particular requirements.



the Whitley Automatic Humidification System.This option is designed to maintain user-selected humidity levels so now you can add moisture AND maintain a sterile environment.

the Whitley HEPA Filtration System. Levels of atmospheric cleanliness inside the workstation exceeds the requirements of ISO 14644 Class 3.

the Whitley Enhanced Biological Containment System. There is now an option for additional biological containment within your HEPA filtered Workstation.

About Don Whitley Scientific

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